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A New Blog from Pastor Ellen called "Omni"

Updated: Jan 25

I love the prefix omni. It bounces off the tongue. It's melodic like a song, and it's a neat combination of two vowels and two consonants. It's from the Latin, of course.

But I mostly am inspired by its power. It's a better sounding prefix than "ALL," though that is what it means. There are three omni qualities of our loving God, shown through these awesome adjectives:

  • Omnipresent

  • Omniscient

  • Omnipotent

God is everywhere all the time (omnipresent), knows everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen (omniscient); and God's power is without any limits (omnipotent). These qualities of God should encourage every believer to have complete trust and genuine faith in the only true God. The omni qualities of God are comforting, not frightening.

This blog will explore the omni qualities of God through everyday true stories that show how God always shows up! These stories are accurate except for the names, which I change for the privacy of those in the story. As you read these stories, please try to think of ways God has always shown up in your life, and be grateful!

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