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Christus Victor Lutheran Church

Christus Victor Lutheran Church is a congregational church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA consists of nearly 10,000 congregations, and is a church that belongs to Christ, sharing a living confidence in God’s grace. For more information on the ELCA and its faith and teachings, please follow this link,

CVLC upholds a very basic faith component: Jesus Christ is the Son of God. God’s word was made flesh through the birth of Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth), and through Jesus, God taught us about the gifts of Love, Grace, and Mercy. By listening to the words of Jesus, we are encouraged to live our lives in ways that are pleasing to God. However, we also recognize that we are human and fall short of God’s glory, but through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are assured of the gift of new life in Christ!

We invite and welcome ALL to come visit CVLC, and to learn more about Christus Victor and our faith. We celebrate communion every week and you do not have to be Lutheran to receive God’s sacrament of communion. God invites all who wish to receive forgiveness in the form of the body and blood of Jesus through bread and wine.

Welcome to CVLC!

A Brief History of Christus Victor

In May of 1957 the Rev. Paul T. Manrodt began his work as a mission developer in the Carney area and by September 8th of that year the first worship service of the “Cub Hill Lutheran Mission” was held in the basement of the Carney Building and Loan at Harford and Joppa Roads. By April of the following year the mission was successful and on April 27, 1958 the church was officially formed on Organization Sunday with 88 charter members attending. By June of that same year Christus Victor called on Rev. Manrodt to be its first pastor. On June 11, 1958 the congregation purchased the Parsonage on Flagstone Drive in Cub Hill and in July the first service was held in the “House Chapel” on the farmhouse property purchased by the congregation at 9833 Harford Rd.

In May of 1959 the first building fund program was started and by 1962 the funds had been raised to build the first church building and the groundbreaking service was conducted on May 6th. Finally the new church was complete and the first service was held on October 28, 1962. In April of 1967 Pastor Lawrence S. Cameron began his pastorate at Christus Victor and stayed with the congregation 12 years until the arrival of pastor Rev. Ronald E. Reaves on February 3, 1980. In January of 1984 Pastor Kenneth H. Homer began his pastorate at Christus Victor and later that same year in September the new Fellowship Hall building was complete and dedicated. Christus Victor was expanding. On October 12, 1986 the new Wicks pipe organ was dedicated and still remains in use today.

The congregation continued to grow in the late 80’s and early 90’s and it became obvious that Christus Victor was outgrowing its existing worship space. So, after a successful building fund program and some generous bequests willed to the congregation, groundbreaking for the present church building was celebrated on March 20, 1984, quickly followed by the laying of the cornerstone on September 19th. The first worship service in the present church was held on November 13, 1994; followed by the dedication of the new church on April 23, 1995 and was presided over by Bishop George Mocko and attended by all past pastors of Christus Victor.

In 1999 the new building for Victor’s Vittles (our neighborhood food pantry) was complete and it was officially opened to the public on June 6th of that year.

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