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"I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me." Matthew 25:40b

Victor's Vittles

Victor's Vittles logo

The Victor's Vittles building is located at the rear of Christus Victor's parking lot

Victor’s Vittles food pantry has helped serve our community since June 1999.  It is located in the rear parking lot at Christus Victor.  We are open Saturday’s from 9:00am until 11:15am.

We offer assistance to individuals as well as families in our local neighborhoods.  We service zip codes 21234, 21236, and 21286.

We are always in need of volunteers and donations!  Small acts transform the world.  Be part of something bigger than yourself.


There are many ways you can help us at Victor’s Vittles. 

First, we are always in need of donations.  Our pantry relies on donations to maintain the increasing numbers of families who come for help.  We get weekly food donations from local food stores and individuals.  Churches, schools, and various organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, are consistent in their support.  If you would like to make a donation of perishable and non-perishable items, you may drop it off during the churches office hours, or on Saturday’s during the pantries hours.

Secondly, we need volunteers to help on Saturday’s.  The number of scheduled volunteers fluctuates, so new volunteers are always encouraged.  We are also listed with Baltimore County Schools System and Court System as an approved location to earn community service hours. 


If you would like to help, please contact the office at or stop by during our hours of operation Saturdays.

Victor's Vittles Pantry
Victor's Vittles volunteer stocking shelves in the pantry

Social Ministries

One of our "crown jewels" of ministry is Victor's Vittles. This ministry has been in existence for over 15 years. Our members recognized the need...the basic need for food by members of our community. Answering God's call, they created this ministry where members of the community who are in need may come once a month and shop for their food needs. This operates 52 weeks out of the year, weather permitting in the winter, with a dedicated group of volunteers. You are invited to come check it out if you want to volunteer and community hours for students are also given.


We are also searching for other ways to reach out to the larger community. Our social ministry team constantly seeks ways to be a voice in the community and working with the community to bring God's kingdom of community and care into Carney/Parkville area.


Our social ministries consist of:

-Victor Vittles


-Quiliting Ladies


-Women of the ELCA


-Prayer Shawl group


Christus Comforters

Christus Comforters meet weekly to make quilts for those in need. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in the fellowship of working together. There are many components to the making of a quilt, such as color coordination, planning, cutting, serging and sewing. Or you can just join us for fellowship, you do not need to sew.

New Beginnings of Hope

The New Beginnings of Hope Group is a 12 Step Program of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) who meet at Christus Victor weekly. They come together to discuss and help each other cope with the effects of alcohol on themselves and their families, and to understand the disease known as alcoholism.


There are no dues or fees associated with belonging to the group, but a collection basket is passed at each meeting to help defray the expenses of coffee, snacks (which are served at each meeting) and a donation to the church for the use of the hall. The group is open to anyone who feels they have a problem with alcohol in any way and wishes to seek help regardless of race, creed or sex.


Feel free to come to a meeting if you are interested and meet with a group of people whose only purpose is to stay sober and help others to learn a better way of life. Check the Events Calendar for the latest schedule.